Lifetime membership of joy – an all-in-one package called FAMILY


Encouraging statements,

Fun-filled moments,

Selfless motives,

Honest opinions,

Strict discipline,

Mocking jokes,

Inspiring aura,

Beautiful smiles,

Healthy discussions,

Endless arguments

…. and a long list of wonderful memories! Family is certainly a foundation for our living as we learn essential skills for survival. With a strong system of support, trust, love and care in action, family brings out the best in us. Patient towards each of our shortcomings, they look forward to celebrate our achievements, while inspiring us to improve our faults.

Their honest criticism faces us like a mirror; motivating us to look beyond our comfort zone. Encouraging us to take diverse challenges while preparing us to face the world, family’s role of polishing and grooming can never be accomplished by anyone else.

A unit filled with variety of members, family is undoubtedly a perfect blend. A cocktail of age groups, gender, occupation and responsibilities, these diversities bring fun, laughter besides confusion, fights, debates and errors. Though we may fail to contemplate their role in our growth, family members provide unlimited stock of strength to get us on our feet. From a supportive father to a loving mother, from a caring sister to an encouraging brother, from enthusiastic grandparents to adventurous uncles and aunts, our family set-up spreads joy of living all around.

Amidst misunderstandings and lack of clarity, we face several undesirable, yet unavoidable moments. Though these may bring a tear or soak us in sorrow, each of these experiences take us closer to lessons of life. The art of happiness lies in realizing those troubles and rectifying mistakes, thereby strengthening our bond to a great extent. While we may not be able to agree to each of our family beliefs or appreciate each of their practices, it teaches us to respect individuality. As each one is unique in a way, family introduce us to the lessons of being one with the world. A training ground for future, family is able to blend us with all those around us.

Novelty and variety are themes of every family as no two families can resemble each other. A group of unique individuals – believing in certain values and equipping its members with tools for happiness, every family has a different touch to its credit. Though we may take pride in this uniqueness, certain aspects of this institution shall remain the same forever. A tradition that passes over from one generation to another, families keep the spirit of life alive.

Several factors of life can only be related to this strong foundation of family. No matter where we live, what language we speak, what religion we follow or what culture we celebrate, these aspects apply to every family on earth!

  1. Guinea pigs for every experiment 

From your first attempt to sing a song to your first trial of preparing a meal, from a fashion show with your new collection of wardrobe to your first ever experience of planning a vacation, your family has little choice when forced to function as guinea pigs for each of your novel experiments.

While they love to be honest about these attempts and encourage you with every possible advice, it is impossible for them to resist jokes and taunts along your preparation path. Though we may dislike this criticism and challenge them with excellent results, we cannot ignore their role in our actions. Impossible to step in the outer world without their words, family is about participation, love and support.

  1. Customized version of talk shows

From economic situation of a country miles away from home to gossip about next door neighbors, from problems with the local government to worldwide scenario of disturbing climate, from update about relatives to funny encounters at workplace, family is the perfect set up that hosts customized version of talk shows.

With strong opinions and diverse views on these topics, each of the members turn into powerful orator! Though age groups vary or interests change, fun lies in discussing and encouraging open dialogues. No matter how many articles we read or how many television shows we listen to, a topic cannot be suspended unless we participate in the discussion with family members.

  1. Blame, blame but come back to the game

Blaming mother for cooking same kind of food or blaming siblings for chaos in the room,                          blaming father for no plans on vacation or blaming spouse for no cooperation in house chores, while this kind of blame game is a true story in every household, we find ourselves enjoying it to the core.

Though we may find faults and look forward to stay away from these troubles, we cannot be far away for long. As an energy drink that brightens our body, these blame games are exciting in every way. A routine embedded in the system, we can never resist to offer special comments, yet join the game for multiple rounds.

  1. Superstars in their eyes, achievers in their mind

No matter what kind of dance we perform or how horribly we paint, no matter how disorganized we get at times or what failures we encounter, we always remain superstars in the eyes of our family .With aid of their own guide book, when every single member comes to help us with unique tips, it feels wonderful to be surrounded with such angels. Beyond our imperfections and errors, family love to appreciate our efforts and hard work.

With no experience in a particular domain, yet powered by immense love and care, when a father adds guiding words for his daughter’s dance performance or grandparents encourage kids to try out latest styles, we realize all this is possible only within the shelter of family.


  1. Unique dictionary, novel meanings; unique jokes, novel entertainment

Every family has a personalized copy of dictionary where they define special words for themselves. Words that make sense only to its members, this unique vocabulary appears exciting.

Besides this play with words, certain jokes born within the scope of a family offer interesting entertainment. Coloring wonderful memories, these jokes remain in their minds forever.

Such is the amazing influence of this special troop called family. We may argue, criticize, taunt and fight, but we cannot stop loving these members as a gift for life!


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