How To Lose That Last Bit Of Tummy Fat After Pregnancy


Your little angel is there and your daily tasks revolve around him. While you are in midst of all this, you realize that your body is still in that pregnancy stage. Every woman desires to get back to her own pre-pregnancy size. Getting back in shape needs time, effort and commitment. It took nine months to get put those extra pounds and you need to give atleast that much time for your body to shrink again. Let’s see how you can work your way though:

Eat – Your body is preparing to feed your little one. You would need some extra nutritious food to keep yourself going through the day and night. Eat small portions of meals and ensure to include fruits, vegetables, fiber, starchy food and water through the day.

Exercise – Combine food with exercise. Exercise will help you lose fat. Start with light basic ones like walking, stretching and floor exercises. Your risk of having back pain, leg cramps, swelling in foot and other post-pregnancy related issues are reduced if you exercise daily. You can also take your baby for walk in a stroller and combine your exercise regime with your baby.

Breastfeeding – Stay healthy and active and focus on your diet. Avoid taking in extra calories while you are breastfeeding. This combined with feeding your baby can help you lose some pounds and these will remain off you in the long run.

Calorie count – Your calorie intake while you are feeding your angel depends upon your current weight and activity levels. Cutting back on any additional calories while being on a good diet can reduce the risk of blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Remember to go slow on yourself. Getting back into an exact pre-pregnancy shape will take time and may be difficult. Keep yourself motivated. Set small targets for yourself spread over the next few months and you are sure to achieve the same.


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