Five Quick Fat Burning Exercises


If you are not feeling like going to the gym then there is an easy way to get that extra fat burnt out. You no longer require a gym membership to remove extra fat from the body while giving your figure a perfect shape. The best workouts always engage several large muscle groups. These exercises tone the body and change it into something efficient. A well-rounded fitness takes a lot of training, strength training and more to result in quick burning of body fat. Make a routine for daily exercises. Once acclimatized with that start with dynamic fat burning workouts. Here are few best fat burning exercises for the body.

  1. Burpees- It is a home cardio exercise that tones your upper body, legs, and your core. These exercises are very hard to do, but the results they deliver work wonders.
  1. Jumping Lunges- lunges are a great toning exercise for thighs. Add a little momentum to jump in between lunges and it will turn into an excellent calorie burning exercise.
  1. Jackknife Crunches- these crunches are advanced abdominal movements that engage both the lower and upper abs to offer maximum toning in minimal time. The crunches are beneficial mainly because it is hard to tone lower abs muscles without equipment.
  1. Pushups- They are a complete exercise for the body that can be modified as per the toning requirements of the body. Try doing pushups regularly to tone your leg muscles and stomach. For advanced toning, try single leg push up.
  1. Side planks with leg raise- Other than toning the basic areas of the leg muscles, outer thighs, deltoids, and oblique require special attention. Try doing side planks while raising one leg at a time. The entire strength and coordination of the body to hold the leg raised will deliver great results.

Other than these exercises, you can also try jumping squats, lunges with reverse leg raise, lateral jumps, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers for a gym trained slim body.


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