Do expectations ever end?


Hopes, wishes, dreams, expectations – factors that take birth along with us, only to stay by our side forever. Making their place in our hearts, these aspects ensure a happy living. As a proof of our existence, these wishes and expectations set us on a rolling clock always. Dreaming, working, achieving, celebrating as we fulfil our expectations along the journey, they form essential steps of the path.

As a continuous cycle that takes us for a ride, their presence is necessary for a successful trip. But, while we contemplate about this significance and realize its worth, it is essential to draw a thin line between wishes and greed, success and satisfaction, hopes and temptations, expectations and demands. Only after we chalk a strategy to deal with these contrasting aspects, we are able to appreciate the taste of pure success. Searching joy and happiness hidden within our achievements is necessary as these form raw materials for our future. Expecting more at every step while forgetting to recognize the real worth of success right before our eyes can never take us towards real fruits of happiness.

While dreaming big is a good way to channelize our energy and set us on the path of fulfillment; understanding the route before the start of this journey is extremely essential. Weighing the means and methods of this process is necessary to ensure rightful ways of achievement. Unless we learn to define our needs and describe our aspirations, we may not be able to reach a satisfying conclusion. With endless possibilities, limitless opportunities, numerous resources and widespread exposure, defining a limit to our expectations is highly impossible.

No matter how wonderful our house appears, one spot in our mind always tempts us to think about bigger places or better facilities. No matter how fulfilling our job seems, there are always better positions and better companies. These expectations are certainly essential to help us grow and progress in life. With legs that move, hands that work and brain that thinks, we were definitely programmed for newer adventures every passing day. Being satisfied with a fixed mindset and lazy approach can harm us in the long run.  The key lies in accepting novel ideas yet appreciating every single achievement.

As happiness cannot be measured with wealth, material or possessions, it is difficult to understand its presence. Being satisfied with our efforts yields long lasting happiness as it takes us closer to our own self. Beyond the rat race of accumulating unnecessary materialistic pleasures, as we celebrate our hard work, it offers us pure feelings with a happy heart. We may not be able to define a value that spells success or quote a price that declares satisfaction, but we can certainly enjoy our smiles, frowns, errors, laughter, excitement, adventures that led us to the final destination. Presence of people around us when they join in these small trips magnify our happiness to a great extent.

Pondering about expectations, dreams and hopes prompted me to create my own version of meanings. Let us see if they fit your dictionary too!

Dreams – task for today, fuel for future; tools for a bright existence; inspiration for tomorrow; motivation for concentrated efforts; aspects involving dedicated measures and devoted methods.

Wishes – desires for a fulfilled living; futuristic goals; roadmap to reach the destination

Expectations: never ending process of requirements; factors essential to channelize energy; thin line between satisfaction and greed.

Happiness – defined by self; measured by hard work and efforts; customized as per beliefs; hidden within our duties and responsibilities

Success- measurement of happiness; celebration of efforts; steps leading to a goal

Failure – darker shade of attempts; motivator of alternative routes; inspiration to continue efforts

At every step of our life we see increasing expectations, goals, tasks and activities lined ahead. From a small kid to a responsible adult, from a child to a parent, from a student to a teacher, we find ourselves switching roles and changing duties. As these responsibilities vary and we don diverse hats all along our life, we learn to balance these expectations. Giving us a new task, as we look forward to the next adventure, it makes us feel our breath and heart – testifying our existence, supporting our journey!


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