DIY Ideas to Treat Yourself to a Pedicure at Home


Why waste your hard earned money at expensive parlors for your monthly pedicure when you can do one just as good, if not better, in the comfort and luxury of your own home?

Here are a few steps and simple tips or do-it-yourself ideas to treat yourself to a fancy pedicure at home itself –

Get your stuff organized

In order to get your pedicure started, you would need a few basic items such as a large bowl or basin, some clean towels, acetone or nail polish remover and cotton, a nail file, a nail cutter and a nail buffer, a good scrub, nail polish and a soothing hand and foot lotion. Once you have all these things ready, follow the next few steps.

Cut, file, and shape

Remove any old nail polish from your feet and soak them in lukewarm, soapy water. With one foot in, start to cut, file and shape your toenails on the other foot. Choose any shape you want and finish off with the nail buffer for shine and let your foot rest back in the water. Repeat this process for the other foot. Don’t forget to have a friend over or put some music on so that you don’t get bored!

Scrub ‘em down

You don’t want to know where your feet have been and the nooks and crannies where bacteria could be thriving. Scrubbing your feet well is extremely important to remove dead skin cells and foot bacteria. Use a foot scrubber or a soft brush or even a pumice stone. That will be sure to get the job done properly.

Massage and polish

Next, treat your feet to a much-needed relaxing massage for not more than 5-10 mins with the foot lotion. Finish off by putting two coats of your favorite nail polish color and presto! Your feet are ready to step into some stilettos and go dancing!


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