Bloating Makes You Appear Fat, Know How!


Bloating is a common problem affecting women these days. Bloating is ‘false fat’ that happens in the form of gas and water weight that adds inches and puffiness to the human body. The fat is seen mostly around the waist. You can try several things to reduce bloat, but there are no quick fixes. Here is how bloating makes you appear fat.

Bloating reason 1- indigestion

Digestion is one of the primary process in the body that keeps nurturing the body and offering energy for its daily tasks. The same process is also responsible for breaking down food and assimilation of nutrients. So, when this process does not work, congestion occurs and bloating begins. When the body lacks enzymes and hydrochloric acid it cannot digest. The body then does its best to use the food. The excess food that it could not digest starts fermenting and creating gas. It is no mystery that indigestion creates gas and gas bloating. Your tummy looks fat and so do you.

Bloating reason 2 – water retention

Most of us do not drink sufficient water and juices throughout the day. Sometimes we are too lazy to drink, other times we are so busy that we forget. However, our body does not understand the laziness or the hectic schedule. As the body does not get sufficient fluids, the cells in it hold on to some water. The retained water from the cells gives your body the puffy appearance. Water retention may also occur if the pressure changes in our capillaries, so stay away from excess salt and too much fat.

Bloating reason 3-hormones

Another reason why you may suddenly look a little fat is due to the rising levels in hormones. During the last 2 weeks of premenopausal phase, the body retains water, swelling happens in the abdomen region, hands, feet and breasts. As stool and gas move slowly from the intestinal area, it creates bloat.

If you are currently suffering from bloating, you need to make few changes to your lifestyle and your diet.


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