Balancing Fun

Having fun is something everybody needs to do in order to function in everyday life. Having fun keeps you sane as a person, believe it or not it’s an essential part of life. We all have responsibilities in this world some more than others. It’s all about leaning to balance things so that you can enjoy your life. If you don’t enjoy your life and have fun you’re prone to get depression. Depression is a hard thing to overcome its a mental disorder that can sometimes take some people years to beat if they don’t take action in changing what makes them depressed. It may seem that having fun isn’t something that’s crucial, but it is in order to keep yourself happy.
If you don’t have time to have fun you have to make time. It’s easier said than done, but when it’s done it’s all over worth it. You have to make the time for anything to get done in general. It may seem hard to move things around, but when it comes to your well being it’s worth it in the end. Even if it’s 30 minutes it’s still something, you deserve time to have a little fun. You may be thinking of excuses, but all excuses really do is keep you from enjoying your life as a whole.
You may have kids or a high demand job, but everybody has time to make time for fun. High demand jobs are for people who work hard meaning you can take a day off for yourself and to have fun. You may have kids and feel like it’s impossible for you to get away, but it’s very much possible. There are people you can call, get a babysitter. If you especially hate your job you definitely need time to have fun. You can’t keep up with a job you hate without having some kind of happy in your life.


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