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How’s your life is it boring at all are you stuck in a routine? So life gets hard we’ve all been there and still go there, but you can’t allow time to just pass you by you gotta have fun. We only live once, like Drake said. We all have those things we have to handle that we hate doing, but we drag ourselves to do them anyway. Why, because we are adults we all have responsibilities now, doesn’t that make you wish you were a kid again? But that’s never going to happen which is a harsh reality. These responsibilities are here to stay until the day you die so you might as well make the best of it.
So being stuck in a routine is a really bad habit. It’s something you’re almost programmed to do everyday like a robot. You wake up and do the same things everyday until it’s time for you to go to sleep only to wake up the next day and do it all again the exact same way. It’s time to get out of those habits, hey unless you’re happy with your life like that than by all means keep up the good work.
Some people actually like waking up to a routine everyday some people need a routine in their lives everyday. But if you feel like your routine is the reason why you’re so unhappy and bored maybe it’s time to change it up a bit. There is a way of doing things you must do in your daily life while still enjoying your overall life at the same time. 

A great idea would be to download a habitual app on your phone. You jot down things you want to work on and there are so many apps to choose from. You can even put down the habits you’re looking to break. Breaking habits is all about self control it’s not easy at all. But if you want to change your life from being boring to fun you’ll be prepared to try anything to break those habits. You know the weekends are for fun that’s why it’s called the week-end, that’s something to think about.


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