Things in the Kitchen that Can Work Wonders on Your Skin


There are a number of benefits you can draw out of the regular ingredients from your kitchen. At times they serve even better than a visit to the nearest medical or cosmetic shop to help make your skin better. Household kitchens have many natural and safe beauty secrets within them, each serving a different purpose for the skin.

How to treat dry skin?

Coconut butter or virgin coconut oil is a great moisturizer as it gives a protective later to the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

A mixture of almond, apricot, avocado oil and glycerin acts as a great massage for the face.

Almond oil mixed with Vitamin E cream can be applied at bedtime on face and hands to make skin soft.

How to treat oily skin?

A mixture of turmeric powder, honey, aloe vera juice and rice flour helps treat oily skin due to their skin healing properties.

A paste of honey and lemon juice can be applied on face, neck and back as they act as a natural bleach and control excess oil production.

How to get rid of Acne?

A natural cosmetic mixture of turmeric powder, water and lemon juice can be used.

Fullers earth (Multani mitti) in a combination with rose water serves as a great mix to remove pimples, dirt and extra oil from the face which also increases chances of acne.

Baking soda and lemon juice together also remove undesirable warts.

In any of these, it is important to leave the paste on the acne for 10-15 minutes, then washing it off.

How to take care of dry lips?

One of the best emollients available for this is desi ghee.

A mixture of antiseptic lip balm and honey can be left on the lips for some time and then removed with warm water.

A paste of lemon juice, castor oil and glycerin can be applied and left overnight.

In combinations, all these kitchen ingredients can solve most common skin problems.


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