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Some things that we as consumers purchase to put on our bodies aren’t in the slightest bit good for us. Some things for instance we have allergic reactions too, or some things just cause us to break out in horrible acne. It’s best to just go with natural products to help keep our skin healthy. There are so many natural things, some things that we have in our own kitchens that we can use than at store like bath and body works. Finding truly 100% percent safe products can be found at all health food stores. The kind of products you want to use are 100% natural products that won’t cause harm to your skin. You want products that naturally clean, moisturizer, and protect.

Stores like Whole Foods Market and Sprouts, you can find 100% natural things to use on your skin. Something that is natural and used to protect or even heal burns is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera can come in a cream or a gel, sometimes there is a reaction to the cream so the gel is best to use. Aloe Vera is also a natural moisturizer so instead of purchasing an expensive moisturizer you can get Aloe Vera gel for like $5 at a health food store. The things you have to watch out for are the ingredients, Aloe Vera gel is the perfect example for this, you want an Aloe Vera Gel that only contains Aloe Vera. The things you have to look for is the ingredients, you want natural ingredients.
If you’re not sure about the ingredients and what’s a certain ingredient does its best to ask about it or not purchase it. You don’t want harmful chemicals going into your skin. You want products that don’t have so many unnatural ingredients, some that have simple ingredients listed on the labels. A good cleanser for your face as an example is witch hazel which only has one ingredient which is witch hazel. A good soap to use to cleanse with should contain soap, and just soap. But it’s hard to find that kind of soap so something natural to use would be Black African soap, which contains Shea butter and black soap.


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