Loving Love

Love is a beautiful thing and it’s one of the best feelings a person can ever really experience in his or her lifetime. Everyone deserves love whether it be in love or someone that just truly cares about you. Love is something that is patient and kind and most definitely worthwhile. There are different types of love, but the two most basic types are being in love and just love. Just love isn’t meant to sound like a downgrade all love is beautiful. Everyone should be appreciative in receiving whatever love anyone has to offer them. Love means caring, it’s the best feeling in the world to have people that care about you.
Everyone needs someone at some point in their lives. We all have our downfalls and that’s where the people that love us come in. People that love you are the ones there for you when you can’t make your rent sometimes at the end of the month. That person that runs to the hospital the second they find out something has happened to you. It’s amazing how people can just love you for no reason at all besides the fact that you’re you and that’s it. It’s a truly overwhelming feeling to be loved by someone and it makes it even more beautiful when you love them back. That’s why we should never take advantage of the ones that love us.
Love can never be jealous or something that makes you feel bad or it’s not love at all. It should never make you feel bad if it does you should speak up about it to the person you’re having conflict with. No need to be dramatic it’s all about learning who loves you and who doesn’t. Sometimes we love people who can’t love us back and that’s okay it happens. But loving someone who doesn’t love you back can be a difficult thing to carry on and at the end of the day you have to love yourself more. It’s better to have people in your life who love you and that you know who love you.
Being in love is all of the above, it’s a person who sometimes would even die for you, dramatic right? Sometimes the love is just that strong. It’s finding that person that just makes you feel complete like as soon as you get them you just can’t let them go. You want to be there thru everything with this person for as long as you can. Being in love is wanting to share your life with someone.


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