Lessons from the class of F.R.I.E.N.D.S


 So while the popular series of F.R.I.E.N.D.S celebrated its 21st birthday last month, there was so much to remember and talk about! Taking the viewers through 10 seasons of fun, laughter, friendship, relations, emotions and troubles of life, this series gained popularity within a short while. Though time has brought us 11 years ahead since the airing of its last episode, each of its characters and their amazing equation feel fresh, energetic and close to heart even today. In love with their expressions, dialogues, acts and performances, the fan in me tempts me to watch it over and over again.

     With perfect cast and fun-filled storyline, this series aimed to show the amazing relation of friends in a fantastic light. Dealing with troubles of life, yet enjoying every single moment; having fun and frolic with own set of people, yet taking care of them made it totally interesting. No wonder it brought each one close to their own friends as presence of these gems make life worth living. Though the series revolved around friends in their late 20s, it was able to reach out to a large audience from diverse age groups.

    From sarcastic Chandler protecting his childish best friend Joey to a technically sound Ross ending up in failed relations. From extremely careful and responsible Monica holding them all together to fun-filled Phoebe and Rachel bringing fun and laughter, every character was unique in a way.

    Though it entered into our television as a regular series, it has left behind many interesting factors to think about. Let us read through these lessons from the class of F.R.I.E.N.D.S as a revisit to its wonderful memories. These aspects highlight the magic of possessing friends in life.

  • Care, share, be there

It is not always about helping each other with money, material, suggestion or advice, as friends just being there for each other makes life beautiful in every way.

Knowing that there are people around to stand by us through every situation reduces the burden of troubles to a small extent.

Just as the entire gang watched Joey’s plays with enthusiasm or heard Ross’s work stories with no other optionmoments like these make us realize the value of friends’ presence.

  • Silent listeners, loud motivators

As friends hear us out in every situation, their role as silent listener brings us closer to them. With no prejudices as friends lend their patient ears, it makes us feel wonderful.

When soaked in sorrow or disappointed with failure, strong motivation and inspiration from our dear friends charge us up with much needed energy.

Listening to troubles of Rachel or encouraging Joey to continue his acting, Monica always stood as an encouraging friend.

  • Life is about enjoying the imperfections

While friends make fun of our imperfections or mock us for our mistakes, they encourage us to look at the lighter sides of life. Though we struggle towards perfection and work hard every single time, certain errors are beyond our control.  Without being judgmental, friends smile with us through such situations.

       As each one stood by Rachel during her novel experience of taking up a job or raising a child, they looked beyond her imperfections and brought out the best in her.

  • Relations beyond definition

Labelling every relation with a valid name title is not necessary. Relations are fueled with love, care, trust, bond and not by acceptance from the society alone.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S taught us these values as their thanksgiving dinner or Christmas Eve was celebrated with friends that mattered.

    From supporting Phoebe as she delivered triplets for her brother or teaching importance of festivals to Ross’s son Ben, every friend believed in love and care as their sole relation titles.

A wonderful series in every way, these F.R.I.E.N.D.S make us enjoy the beauty of life! After all fun and laughter with friends is the spirit we all rejoice.


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