Ingredients of a Happy Relationship


While I was pondering about the lessons learnt during these past few months of marital bless, I was tempted to think about the ingredients that make a happy relationship. Be it relation between life-partners or relation between siblings, be it a bond between child and parent or a bond between two friends, be it affection with nephew-niece or love for grandchildren, every form of relationship that blesses us with reasons to smile stands on a strong, firm foundation.

Though we never think about these factors, their influence holds us together with those around us. Beyond our individualistic differences, preferences and personal opinions, we are tied with love that cements each and every bond we share.

While we never memorize or study these aspects in any kind of curriculum, we realize its meaning as we progress ahead in life. Being grateful for those with us in this journey called life, we feel amazed by the essence of every relation. No rule book or training manual can teach a child to love, trust, smile or cry while being surrounded with his very own team. As the child moves step by step on the road of growth, he learns to appreciate his own people and the love each one showers.

Every kind of relation is seasoned with unique flavors giving a fantastic outcome. The moments we share, memories we make, time we spend and things we talk assume a unique touch celebrating their presence in life. From parents who guide to siblings who share, from uncles/aunts who care to friends that just be there, every relationship is decorated on a novel theme.

So, what are these components forming foundation of a wonderful bond?

What ingredients combine together offering outcome of a strong, happy relationship?

What enters into a relation as input to give a long-lasting desirable output?

Though it is impossible to define every aspect and describe every factor, it is fun to get closer to these building blocks for a great relationship.

  • Trust that stays, happiness that grows.

Undoubtedly the most essential base of any relation, trust is necessary to keep every bond alive. A feeling that can only be experienced, trust can never be defined into words. It is impossible to write down its terms or define a contract, as its unexplained presence is what makes a relation worth it.

Knowing that a relation shall take care of our feelings or a person shall stay with us forever talks about the factor called trust. Beyond rules, compulsions, obligations and theories, when people in any relation offer their endless love; trust smiles with satisfaction seconded by happiness that grows and laughter that glows!

Think about the moments where you felt relieved to have a trustworthy support – doesn’t it make you smile at this invisible presence?

  • Channels of communication leading to channels of love 

Communication is the means that carries one towards peace and happiness. Open dialogue, friendly environment and approachable conduct are very essential for any successful relation. This explains ‘misunderstanding’ as the major cause of trouble in any bond.

With parents that always encouraged us to communicate and a partner that believes in strength of words, I realize its significance when I retrospect about its role. Discussion and communication pave way for a hassle free journey.

Strengthening trust and love in a relation- clear, transparent communication help to a great extent. Fear of speaking and worries of sharing begin a course filled with doubt, lies, hatred and confusion.

Speak, talk, communicate –after all life doesn’t set a stage for you always!

  • Honesty and truth – pillars of strength 

While communication is essential for a healthy relation; honesty, truthfulness follow suit. Lies, cheating and deceit born out of any kind of helplessness commences dark chapter in a relation. With an aim to sound good, or with an intent to avoid disturbance, when one resorts to dishonesty, it reflects on the relationship sooner than one imagines.

It takes more space a hide a lie than accommodate a truth – choice is yours!

  • Love, care, share – the A, B,Cs of any story

Endless love, limitless care and unrestricted share are certainly the theme of any relation. Loving the opposite person with no conditions, caring for their well-being in every possible way and sharing happiness, joy, laughter and smile with our loved ones qualify a relationship for long-lasting course forever.

Extremely essential for survival of any relation, these factors accompany it from start to the end.

Share that favorite ice-cream with your loved one – it shall definitely taste more interesting!

  • Surprises and fun for a lively feel 

While my father and husband shall agree to every ingredient mentioned so far, surprises seem to be a misfit for both these men in my life!

Sweet surprises, love filled shocks certainly add to the fun in any relation. Away from our usual role, when we go an extra mile for joyful moments, they end up sparkling our memories forever.

Surprise your people with unexpected gifts or random ideas, because not everything in life is meant to be planned!

Several ingredients such as these combine into a wonderful blend of a long-lasting relationship. When needs, expectations, wants and demands lower their influence and pure love, trust, companionship, support spread their magic, every relationship radiates fragrance of happiness all around!



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