“I will never do that!”


 Years pass, age increases, roles change and responsibilities vary. As a continuous cycle of life, we find ourselves marching ahead with changing times. Crying, playing, enjoying in a carefree world, as we move from childhood to adulthood, we are greeted with so many novelties of a responsible life.        

  Unaware of the challenges of elderly life, as a small kid when I looked at my parents, I always felt I would grow up to be more carefree and happening, while enjoying every bit of freedom. Not bothering to look at the responsible shade of adult life, I was busy admiring the free will of doing whatever I wanted to.

     Unable to understand the reason of my mother’s struggle towards perfection at home or the routine episode of blaming my poor father for every single thing, I often caught myself speaking to an imaginary husband in thoughts. While proudly saying “I will never do that”, I believed to break rules and be totally happening as a cool wife. Little did I know that it is impossible to avoid this route as years later I find myself sailing in the same boat. As a married woman, donning the hat of ‘lady of the house’, I have fitted into those shoes perfectly.

     Many a times, when I wear my power robe all around the house and boss over my poor husband, I laugh at the way time changes us. Totally sure that I shall repeat these things at the right moment, my mother’s confidence of the past teases me today. Be it grocery shopping or house cleaning, be it paying the bills or deciding the meals, I seem to enact my mother’s role in a perfect way.

     Asking opinions from husband yet never agreeing to them, worrying about family and house yet never willing to halt, expecting help from husband yet never being contented, our story is exactly like every other married couple now.

      Though we all deny and claim to never enter into conventional roles, marriage has brought me one step away from this belief and two steps closer to maturity. To be followed by many more experiences ahead, every step will erase my words, forcing me to exclaim, “I will have to do that!”


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