Give Your House an All New Look Without Remodeling


Are you thinking of remodeling your home? And planning to hire a professional interior designer but fear that the budget may shoot beyond your budget?

Here are few tips and tricks on how you can give your house a new look in an inexpensive way:

Wall paints – Give your walls a new paint coat by mixing various colors. Use wall papers and hang photo frames. Photo frames tend to make rooms bigger as light gets reflected through the frame mirrors.

Move furniture – Try and re-arrange your furniture in the room. Remove any unwanted furniture and move the bigger ones against the walls. This will create more space in the room and make it look bigger. You can also use pillows on your furniture throughout. Not only do pillows give a comfortable feeling to you but also lift up the life of your rooms.

Flooring – Re-polish the floors or alternately you can also use mats to make them look new. These mats can again be re-used in any other part of your house and will make it look new.

Treat your windows – Window decorative can add new elegance to the overall beauty of your home. Get new drapes or curtains for your windows to lift the mood of your home. You can also use window films or curtains of different materials to cover and design windows.

Lighting – Lights can create a new atmosphere in your rooms. Place table lamps and floor lamps in your house especially near mirrors. Light gets reflected through the mirrors thus making it look bigger and overall lighting it up.

Clutter – Keep your rooms clean and don’t forget to dust. Cleaning removes stains and shabby look of your room. Clean windows allow room to get filled with light giving a soothing and welcoming effect.


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