Changing for the Better

Everyone has some changes that they would like to make for themselves. It’s up to you on deciding whether those changes you need to make are healthy or not. Healthy changes are ones that benefit you, ones that you actually notice a change with. Unhealthy changes are temporary meaning you’ll quickly go back to how you felt before you even decided to change anything. The first  step is deciding on what you need to change in order to be the best version of yourself. The second step is write the steps that it will take to get there. The third step is taking action, and really making the effort to make the changes.
There is a big difference between our wants and our needs. Sometimes we want to make changes with ourselves based on other people’s opinions and that would be something a person would need to change. Realizing some people aren’t going to like who you are is a cruel reality, but it’s true. We weren’t all made to be liked by everybody, even if you have more people that don’t like you than do like you. You have to separate your wants from your needs to change. Needs as in if you don’t like to work, you have to realize that no one else is going to take care you, no one can take care of you better than you can. You have to make yourself work even if you don’t want to. Needs is even though you know you need to change and you’re depressed about it you have to get up and do things that make you feel good about you right now to help fight the depression.
Those are just examples of changing for the better, and really learning to separate your wants from your needs. It’s not to say that you can’t focus on your wants and make those changes necessary to get what you want, you can. It’s just best and healthy to first work on what needs to be done, and that way its a lot easier for you to get the things that you do want. Your needs are crucial and once you have those changes down and start to really work on them your wants change for the better.


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