Amazing Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2015


With Christmas just a month away, it is time you start thinking about ways to decorate your home along with gifting ideas for friends and family. Even though most families have standard Christmas decorations that are used every year; sometimes it is fun to make changes by either purchasing new ones from stores or making them yourself with craft paper and art accessories.

Artificial mistletoe

If finding mistletoe is tough in the city make some of your own with Felt paper using templates available online or magazines. Give a charming twist to your mistletoe with pearls and hang it down from your door with a pretty red ribbon.

Festive banister

Wrap artificial green creepers around the bannister from top to bottom along with twinkle lights for a festive look. Break tradition by hanging colorful stockings in red and white along the bannister instead of the fireplace.

Trophy vases

Turn your corner table into a pretty decorative showcase by making vases out of old trophies and filling them with pine tree boughs and keeping them on the table along with red candles and white Christmas toys like reindeers. You can also hang a few wreaths of pine tree leaves from the table by tying them with red ribbons and sticking them with scotch tape to the table.

Decorative centerpiece

Get an old metal or porcelain bowl preferably with decorative carvings on the sides. Collect a few pinecones and dip them in golden paint. When they are half dry sprinkle colorful glitter and arrange them around the corners of your bowl with pine leaves.  Fill the center of the bowl with tiny colorful balls of thermocol and keep a small mound of sand at the center with a couple of tea lamps on them with soft glow. Tie a thick golden ribbon around the rim of your bowl and similar colored bows along your dining chairs for a festive atmosphere.


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