5 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes!


Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. Friends, food, libations….. endless enjoyment and a special night to spend with your friends or family.

It’s also that special time of year when the turkey becomes the star, but it doesn’t have to be! Potatoes, stuffing, green beans?! Everyone’s menu is slightly different, but each has its own POW of flavor! Even vegetarians can have a delicious spread! Here is a list below of some of our favorite vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes.


Farmhouse Stuffing

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Stuffing is essential to a great Thanksgiving. Everyone has a method, and there are so many recipes out there that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. I used this recipe, which offers a good mixture of herbs and filling. My trick? I will say that instead of stuffing cubes, I used fresh Italian bread, dried it overnight and toasted it the next day before use. Also, to make it veggie, use vegetable stock instead of turkey!


Cauliflower Gratin



As a sworn enemy of cauliflower, I had my doubts about its position in a Thanksgiving meal… but then I tried cheesy baked cauliflower. Needless to say, I saw the light. Now, I still may not eat it on the regular, but baked or roasted? I’m there! Get the recipe here.


Cranberry Cinnamon Applesauce



This recipe from eatdrinksavorrepeat.com is to die for! Applesauce is good on any holiday, but the addition of cranberry brings it to another level.


Pumpkin Pie



This pumpkin pie video gives you a great tutorial on how to make the classic!


Apple Pie

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There is something undeniably delicious about apple pie, and this apple pie recipe is the best around! My aunt makes it every year for Thanksgiving, but she taught me the recipe so that I could master it myself. The dough and recipe are classic and what you would expect from a cookbook from the 1970s (Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook if you’re curious). The recipe is very easy and fun to make (honestly!), especially when you do it with a friend or loved one and enjoy it when it’s fresh. So put on your apron, give it a go, and have a slice of this sugar and spice!




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