Shacking Up: Is It Time to Move In Together?


You really think that you’ve reached the point of moving in together, huh? My advice? Check yourself. Read on to see what I mean.

    Don’t Be So Self-Conscious!

We all care about how others view us, but we care even more when it’s our boyfriend or girlfriend watching and we are about to be living under the same roof with them. The first thing to do is to become comfortable with yourself. Before moving in together (especially fellas), practice seeing yourself from the ceiling. Are there any habits that you do when others aren’t around? Do you pick your nose? Scratch your butt? Fart? Well guess what…your girlfriend does too!


Some couples have lived together for so long that nothing is embarrassing between them anymore. You have to work up to that point, though; it doesn’t happen on the first day. This is why it’s a good idea before moving all the way in together to simply spend some extended periods of time at each other’s residences, maybe two or three nights in a week at each person’s place.


    Be Ready for the “At-Home” Them!

If you spend enough time at each other’s apartments overnight beforehand, it will eliminate the “Who are you?” effect. This is when the only side of a person that you’ve seen is when the two of you are going out, and you’ve never viewed the at-home side of them without all the nice clothes or makeup on. Then, you spontaneously move in together, and one day wake up beside a woman or man that is not (or at least doesn’t look like) the person you fell in love with. That being said, before shacking up, you have to get rid of the feeling that you need to run to the bathroom mirror before your boyfriend or girlfriend wakes up in order to look a certain way. They have as much cold in their eyes as you do, and couldn’t care less! Wipe it out for them, and say “Good morning” (but cover your mouth while talking…morning breath).


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