Our Green Friends for Life


Fresh green leaves, supportive stems, strong roots, colorful flowers and lots and lots of positive energy. As our green friends for life, trees and plants offer us unlimited happiness and joy. Taking us to closer to our mother nature, this green cover helps us appreciate the beauty of creation. Trees and plants teach us numerous lessons in a natural way. Every part of a plant speaks to us with important values for our living.


With humble existence, plants inspire us to live for others. They provide us with many useful features yet demand nothing. It teaches us to give and help those around us with no expectations.

Their presence creates wonderful ambiance all around. Though we get caught in the daily rush of life and tend to ignore this freshness, the aura attracts us. As our usual companions in gardens, parks, communities and other surroundings, we may forget to celebrate this presence, but their playful swaying in wind and comforting shade in sun connects us to them quickly.

A wonderful experience a few days back has brought me closer to the amazing friendship we share with plants. After moving to a new city, when I along with my husband tried to settle down in our new house, there was lot of emptiness in our minds. While missing our old place and exploring the new one, we brought in a lemongrass plant to be our first friend. Minutes after its introduction, we experienced the joy of a new companion and support of an amazing friend. Moments like these make you realize the power in their love and care.

Be it roots of the tree that inspire us to stay focused and provide strength to our dreams, or the stem that motivates us to stay connected; be it leaves that provide fuel for the entire tree or flowers and fruits that lay the foundation for a new start — each and every component of a tree teaches us in many ways that we can actually think about. With an aim to provide and never expect, they introduce us to the real source of happiness. Truly lively by all means, these trees will be with us for life.

So while cement and concrete have taken all of our attention and industries and buildings have occupied all the space, our green friends are left with little scope for themselves. We must realize the importance of conserving nature and preserving its beauty. As members of planet earth, we need to share this land with trees and animals. Causing harm to the natural cover will destroy the wonderful world we all enjoy. It is necessary to treat them as equal partners rather than ruling over them with all our power and intellect. Deforestation and unnecessary cutting down of trees will harm us and our future generations. This calls for our immediate attention.

We should work within our scope to build and preserve this green cover forever. Planting trees in our neighborhoods, maintaining saplings within our house, spreading awareness in our schools, colleges and offices, and inspiring everyone to protect them will be our contribution towards a bigger cause. ‘Each one, nurture one’ will take us closer to our mission of nature preservation.

So, let us all join in the green movement and experience this fresh, green friendship forever!


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