Handling Long Distance Relationships


So you’ve finally found the perfect soul mate, and things are going great in your relationship. Then, bam – all of a sudden your job needs you to move, but your lover has to stay there in your current city because of their obligations. What can you do?

    Set a Regularly-Scheduled Phone Call

Long distance relationships happen all the time. Folks in the military go through it, and people who have jobs that require them to travel a lot deal with it frequently. Communication on a regular basis is the key. Set a time every day to call your lover, and dedicate that specific time only to asking them how their day was, what they ate, what they did, and everything else you’d usually talk about in person.


Don’t text them…call them. Text messaging is way too impersonal for a couple in love who are very far apart. Besides, those emotional icons that a person puts in texts (the smiley faces etc.) have a chance of being inauthentic. You want to hear their vocal tone because, if you really are in love, many times you can tell how they are feeling by the way they sound.

    Get on Skype!

We live in a time where we are blessed enough to have things like Skype to communicate with our loved ones. This is a God Send for couples who spend extended time apart. You can see their smile, what they are wearing, and everything around them in real time. It feels like they are right there with you! If you can’t physically be around your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife all the time, you simply have to get a Skype account. The best part about it is it’s free! If you don’t have one yet, go ahead and set it up together with your significant other right now. The website is www.Skype.com. It’s so much fun, and will definitely help tremendously in a long distance relationship!


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