Balancing Work and Love


There is nothing more attractive than a working person. In fact, many people initially meet the man or woman that they end up falling in love with while they are in their work clothes! But you have to balance work and love. It’s vital to your relationship.

    Turn Down Hours You Don’t Need

So you looked at the schedule for the week, saw what days you had off, and decided that you’d spend that time with your lover. A few days pass, and now tomorrow is your day off. Right as you are clocking out, one of your bosses offers you another day to work. Immediately, you start thinking about the extra overtime, but then you think about the fact that you told your spouse you both were going out tomorrow night. What do you do?

If I may use the old phrase from grade school that we used against drugs, “Just Say No”. Working too many hours is just as addictive as any drug if you love to make money, but too much of anything will kill you. You have to keep your workaholic tendencies in check when you’re in a committed relationship. You don’t want your lover to get too lonely.


    Work on Your Relationship Instead 

I know you’ve heard this before, but relationships are work. They aren’t a place of employment, but they require time and energy just like one. Taking that time off to spend with your husband or wife will get you a lot of cool points with them, simply because they know how much working hard means to you. They will see it as a sacrifice, and love you even more for it.

I know. You want to be able to buy them anything they want, and give the one that holds your heart the world. But, for right now, they are just as happy with getting your time.


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