At Work Relationships: Are They Healthy?


We are all adults, and we have to work. But if you and your lover are on the same job, there are a few rules that the two of you need to establish right from the get-go.

    Are You Seeing Them Too Much?

One main issue with couples working together is, at times, they may feel as if they see their lover too frequently. You’re around them all day at work, then, if you live together, you see them all evening. Space is important to some degree, even when there is much-needed money being made together at the same place of employment. At times in this bad economy, there are also situations where a couple may find themselves working together for a while on the same job without having a choice, simply because of their financial circumstances.

Whether that’s your situation or not, if you are at the same gig with your lover it’s important to remember that you have to remain professional. It’s equally important to have that understanding with your partner. Verbally tell them that you probably won’t talk as much as you do at home, and, that when you are at work, you are at work. The flipside of this is if the couple simply can’t keep their hands off each other! Be sure to tell them that even though you’re flattered that they find you so irresistible, the two of you have to wait until you get home. It could actually work out for the better working together…anticipation heightens the pleasure!

    Consider Working in Separate Departments

Still, if you just feel that you are not good with working with your significant other, you can always just switch departments. Either that or the two of you could work separate shifts. If you choose the second option, be sure and set aside time outside of work to spend together. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re always leaving the job and they are always just clocking in. It’ll be like you never get to see one other. That being said, dedicate two or more times per week that’s only for personal time for just the two of you. It should balance things out nicely.


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