Assorted Bunch of Friends


  Companions in every task, support in every move, critics in every job, assistants in every deed – as friends that promise to stay with us forever, they form an all-in-one package throughout our journey. Celebrating a unique bond called friendship, our friends add a new meaning to life. Making themselves as essential part in anything and everything we do, their presence is needed at every step. With no formal contract or obligation of any kind, purity of bond and trust of relation are sole factors keeping this relation alive.



       As wonderful affection that attaches friends together, the beauty of this relation lies in its selflessness. With no agenda, motive, purpose or reason, when individuals choose to be with each other as friends for life, their relation remains strengthened forever. From little babies to students in school, from young college adults to matured elders, every phase of our journey requires presence of friends around. Motivating us to live life to the fullest, besides being with us through every thick and then, they transform the ‘act’ of living into ‘celebration’ of life.

      A relation governed by no rules, friendship grows at every stage. With no limitations or restrictions on number of friends, we make so many of them all along our path.

     With friends from school, college, community, workplace, neighborhood, hobby class, besides a huge extended network far and wide, we experience love and care from every aspect of our daily struggle.

      Fortunate to be surrounded with a thick and dense web of friends all around, they are my survival guide for every single event in life! Sharing good, bad, happy, sad, embarrassing, hurtful, exciting and every kind of experience with each other, their presence motivates me to look forward to many more adventures in the course ahead. From loads of studies in school to awkward growing up phase as teens, from mounting responsibilities as elders to increasing digit of age year by year, friendship makes every moment memorable. Magnifying and amplifying happiness by several folds, friends appear as perfect solution providers for every little thing!

     While soaking in this happiness and thinking about all my friends around, I was tempted to admire various type of friends we all meet and greet in life. From ‘fun-loving life’ of the group to ‘serious, matured individual’ ; from ‘systematic, organized planner’ to ‘advisor’ in all matters; from ‘extra cautious and careful tension-taker’ to ‘carefree, notorious prankster’; from ‘dependable source of support’ to ‘not dependable’ under any circumstance; from one ‘ready to be there’ for friends always to an ‘extremely busy’ person, every friend in our life can be tagged under a category leading to an assorted bunch of friends for life.

A look at these assorted types will tempt you to tag your friends too!

  • Active, fun-loving, enthusiastic: A person always looking forward to fun and enjoyment, friend of this kind comes up with fun-filled plans and lively ideas. Radiating life and energy into each one around, active friends keep everyone occupied with happiness and unlimited stock of joy!
  • Matured, disciplined, calculator, organizer: This serious friend with characteristics of a teacher brings discipline, maturity, sincerity in every task. From planning trips to organizing parties, from deciding gifts to calculating budget, this friend is extremely essential for a calculated conduct in life.
  • One-stop solution provider, encyclopedia, help-desk: A friend storing loads of information on every possible topic, enthusiastically offers one stop solution to all the needs. Be it help for dealing with family or trouble with other friends, be it stress at work or problems in general, this supportive, informative, helpful friend always come to the rescue.
  • Advisor, talkative, opinion holder : With handy advice about every single thing, friend of this kind loves to act as a parent – providing opinions, views, guidance and beliefs (even if not asked or approached)! With talkative nature and love for words, staying quiet is an impossible task!
  • Notorious prankster: Jokes, pranks, taunts and mischievous ideas decorate personality of this category. Occupied in framing notorious plans and teasing friends around, everyone prefer to stay at a safe distance from such a prankster!
  • Busy-bee: Engrossed in own world and extremely busy all the time, this friend manages to stay occupied even if there is no work! With no time for friends, this category face same set of complaints over and over again.
  • Innocent, childish, little champ: Innocent mind and childish talks characterize such a friend who brings childhood back to life.
  • Silent, quiet, peaceful soul: With minimum talks and maximum silence, such friends choose to make peace with everyone under every situation. Staying quiet and speaking only if forced to, these friends surprise everyone with their calm silence.
  • Easily adaptable, adjusting, flexible: Comfortable in every situation and ready to adapt to any changes, these friends inspire us to live life in a flexible manner.
  • Lost in thoughts: With a hobby of day-dreaming and inclination towards one’s own thoughts, this ‘Alice in wonderland’ forgets people around. Not paying attention to talks or refusing to flow with reality, this category is best known for their ‘absence during presence’.
  • Collector of tensions: Worrying about small things and panicking about trivial matters appear close to this collector. Besides spreading anxiety all around, this friend collects tensions for others too!

   With these categories, besides several other additions to the list, friends make our life colorful in every way. They may belong to a particular type or portray characteristics of a particular kind, yet each of these jewels are necessary to add sparkle to our journey called ‘LIFE’.


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