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Finding it hard to fit exercise into your daily routine? Many of us lead busy lives, with demanding full time jobs, children to look after, pets to walk and families to see. Finding time for exercise can be tricky and it is all too easy for a week to pass by without you having done any form of physical activity at all. Over time, this can be a problem. Exercise is good for both your physical and mental well-being and it of course helps to keep the weight off. So you really do need to find some time each week to devote towards some form of physical activity.

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If you work full time then the chances are you will get at least fifteen minutes of down time to relax for your lunch break. Instead of heading off to the canteen for yet another plateful of calories why not put your training shoes on and go for a walk. A brisk walk each lunch time will leave you feeling refreshed and more alert; ready to face an afternoon of work.

If you have a little more time, perhaps an hour or so, why not investigate your local gyms and beauty salons? Many now offer vibration plate training sessions and they only require a short workout – perfect for a lunch time exercise session when time is limited.

A vibration plate workout, whilst being physically demanding, is less likely to get you all hot and sweaty than a thirty minute jog or aerobics session. This means you can return to work looking smart, neat and tidy. Around 15 minutes on a vibration plate, 3 times per week will deliver some impressive results. You need to perform slowly; controlled exercises like squats and leg raises and before long you will really start to see the benefits.

It can be so easy to fall into the trap

Lunch hour workouts are increasingly becoming popular owing to their convenience and effectiveness. What can be better than spending your lunch break on a fruitful workout session? You can even have an appointment with your personal trainer at the lunch break and have your daily workout session.

It is not important that you hit the gym or have equipments with you to exercise, your lunch break workout can be almost any physical activity like walking, skating or maybe an intense training workout session. Here are few tips to lose weight during lunch break.

Go for Intense Exercises

As you have a time constraint when you have to exercise during the lunch break, it is better you go for intense workouts. A 15 minute workout that involves rigorous physical activity can be more effective as compared to an hour of less intense workouts.

You could go for an intense cardio workout that could easily be done in your office or opt for a power walk in and around your office. The advantage of going for an intense workout session is that you get to burn calories faster in a relatively short span of time. 

Have Lunch after your Workout

If you plan of going for a workout session during every lunch break, then make sure you don’t have lunch before the workout. You need to have a heavy breakfast so that you have the necessary energy levels before the workout session.

Follow up the breakfast session with a high protein snack. Once you finish your workout session then, have a light lunch which is easily digestible after intense physical activity.

Exercises for the Lunch Break Workout

There are several exercises that you can do during the lunch break workout. You can even hire a personal trainer who’ll be there right at your office to train you. Besides, you could go for boot camp exercises that can be performed right at your office. These exercises include push-ups, squats and lunges which would take a maximum of 15 minutes.

Make sure that you do warm-up exercises before you do these high intensity workouts. You could walk through a flight of stairs or go for a small power-walk for your warm-up exercises. Some of the exercises that you can do at office are:

  • Chair squats are the simplest form of exercises. Pull up your chair and with the support f your chair, stand and sit as quickly as you can for several times.
  • Leg squats are also a feasible form of exercise that can be done in the office easily.
  • You can go for intense squat sessions and space it with a few seconds rest.
    Wall and floor push-ups are ideal exercises for the lunch hour. You can space different type of intense form of exercises that are aimed at losing weight.

Start with Light Exercises Gradually


It is very important that you choose exercises that don’t leave your joints and muscles sore. You need to build up your stamina levels so that you don’t feel exhausted after the workout session. So, start with light intense exercises and gradually move on to high intensity workouts.

This is because you have to get back to work after your lunch break and hence, it is important that you choose exercises which don’t drain your energy completely.





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