5 Common Religious Symbols in People’s Homes



Christianity for instance has a number of very important symbols that carry significant meaning to all Christian’s homes. Naturally, some symbols are more popular than others. These symbols:

  1. The Cross

The cross that we all know and recognize well is the one that Jesus was crucified on. To Christians it symbolized immortality and resurrection, suffering and sacrifice of Jesus. Symbols of the cross, connected to Jesus Christ started appearing for the first time between the 4th and 8th centuries. The cross is a type of crucifix which does not have Jesus’ body.


  1. Christian Sacraments

This includes the Bread and red wine which symbolizes the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. Sacraments varies but Eucharist and baptism are always present.

The bread and wine are part of the Eucharist and symbolizes the salvation of human kind that resulted from the sacrifice of Jesus.

In Islam as well there are a number of basic symbols with significant meanings also, we have here:

  1. Shahabad

To the Muslims symbolizes that they believe in one God. It also shows that they accept Mohammad as their prophet.

  1. name of Allah

The name of Allah symbolizes Arabic word of God. According to Muslim culture the correct name of God is Allah

While in Hinduism, one of the significant symbols is:

5. Lotus flower

The lotus symbol has been a godly symbol in the Asian community. It represents a virtue and sexual purity. In Hindu religion God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are repeatedly portrayed with pink lotus. Goddess Saraswati is portrayed with white lotus.


So in this way each religion has its own symbols and meaning. It possesses a deep meaning in their respective religion. People use these symbols as a medium of connectivity with God.


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