5 Rainy Day Activities for You and Your Kids!!!



On rainy days, the weather is often dreary and the spirit of the kids may be dampened due to the peculiar nature of the weather. However, the kids spirit need not be dampen and their day can be kept lively and interesting with some activities. The following entertaining activities will keep the spirit of the kids high and will prevent the dreary weather on such rainy days from dampening their spirit.

  1. Have an indoor treasure hunt: you can keep the kids lively on rainy days with indoor treasure hunt. You can make a set of clues for the hunt with each clue leading to the next one and finally to the treasure. A small reward such as a toy or chocolate may be provided for the winner; alternatively, you can arrange the clues in such a way that the kids will solve it as a team.download (4)
  2. Little bakers: it will be a great idea to let the kids into the kitchen to do some baking or cooking, home-made pizzas should be a great fun, you can provide the kids with easy biscuits and bakery recipes to try out. And when they are done baking, you can all enjoy it by having picnic indoors.
  3. Set up an indoor obstacle challenge: Another great rainy day activity you can get your kids engage in is to set up an indoor obstacle challenge, this might involve having the kids hop along a wall, or perhaps gliding like a snake under the table, throwing oranges into a bucket etc. You have to use your imagination and those of your kids to come up with interesting and challenging courses, and then make sure that a medal is made for every for every kid who completes the challenge.
  4. Musical instruments/ fashion: Making musical instrument is another activity that will keep your kids lively on rainy days. There are household items that can be easily used for this. Tissue boxes and elastic bands can be used to make very good guitars; in addition, you can use paper plates to make instruments such as tambourine. Also, you can assemble old newspapers, scissors and masking tapes and encourage the kids to make some paper outfits.custfeedbackheader
  5. Finally, you can also keep your kids lively by assembling those dull looking pottery plant pots and asking the kids to paint with bright colours and also drawing beautiful patterns on them. Furthermore hide and seek game is an interesting game which might be appropriate for the kids at such moments.


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