Flu, Flu, Go Away!


Here are some amazing tips from one of our friends, the author of eatdrinksavorrepeat — a wellness blog that shows you how to enjoy and indulge. These are some wonderful recipes and tips for staying well as we wait for spring to come!


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been slowly gearing up for this “How to” Maintain Winter Wellness.” Superfood teanaturally flavored water . . .  all ways to try to give your immune system a quick boost during this cold weather.  I wish there was a special formula to stay healthy through the winter. Maybe a dash of good luck is all that’s needed, but I do believe there’s something to be said for eating well to prevent sickness. With the flu season upon us, we already know it’s a gamble. Getting sick? No thank you. You wouldn’t run a marathon tomorrow without training, so why not do everything in your power to keep you balanced for tomorrow? Here are some ideas of what I like to incorporate in recipes to help my body stay healthy during the cold winter months ahead.

Food Basics.

When in doubt, I try to bring food back to the basics — natural ways to nourish your body. I just newly discovered the daikon radish is high in vitamin C. Cue a Daikon & Carrot Salad. Also high in vitamin C are citrus fruits (hence my picture of a grapefruit), peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and even cauliflower. I try to incorporate food high in antioxidants, like cranberries, pomegranates or blueberries. Toss them in a salad, decorate banana pancakes, yogurt or chocolate avocado mousse. Just because I’m trying to be basic, doesn’t mean I can’t be creative!

Drink Up.

Hydration is your new friend. I started carrying a Nalgene around with me in high school, so I’d be prepared for our soccer practices in the August heat. It’s a habit that stuck. Sometimes, I’m not in the mood for plain, bland water. Toss in some citrus, cucumber, fresh herbs, strawberries, even fresh ginger. You really can’t go wrong. I also love me a big cup o’ tea. My nighttime routine ends with a cup of herbal tea, red tea or decaf green tea to just sip on and unwind. I made a Cranberry Orange Tea with Ginger, a take on an Aloha original, and added it to green tea. (If you haven’t heard of Aloha, they’re a wellness site that embodies clean eating in the most natural ways.) I must say it was like a taste of perfection – light, slightly spice and revitalizing.


Embrace the Season.

Look to see what’s in season for produce, so you can guarantee things to be at their freshest. Take the daikon radish; it’s a winter root vegetable and readily available now along with its vitamin C. Not surprisingly, other produce in season seems to be exactly what you want to stay healthy: pomegranates (pictured below), Brussels sprouts, kale, citrus.


Whenever I eat lean, clean, green and just smart, I feel ten times better. Food never has to be boring – it should be fun! Why not savor it?


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