Five Ways In Which Women In Their Forties Can Stay Fit And Energized



The age at which everything starts rolling out of control is 45. Women over 40 must stand up and control the direction of their physical health. It is but a misconception that women who are fit in their youth needn’t worry about things falling apart as they start growing older. Youth diffuses into old age if the same practices are carried forward.  Here are five ways to stay young at 40.

  1. Nature is your friend: ditch the treadmill and go on treks instead. You get to learn so much more when the outdoors clears your mind. All you need is fresh air and surrounded by likeminded people. Money will not be a crunch unlike your youthful days when each trip was on a shoe string budget. You’ve worked so hard all your life and you deserve this splurge. Visit places you’ve always wanted to. A happy mind is a healthy body.
  1. Exercising: the benefits of building a sweat are many. It improves blood flow, regulates body temperature, and increases production of endorphins. Regulates stress and makes you feel good about yourself. Set fitness goals. Exercising is also important at this juncture because with age the first target is muscles that are metabolized to make up for calories.
  1. Staying hydrated: it is important to maintain high water levels. Water is required for many vital chemical reactions in the body. Ditch the artificially sweetened juices and sip on cool water.
  1. Dance the night away: get back in touch with your friends and spends your weekends like the way you used to. You are never too old to dance. If you disagree, some reality shows will prove you otherwise. It is a great form of exercise too.
  1. Do something new: did you know that by trying out new things, the levels of excitement is raised which in turn raises your energy level.



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