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You Can’t Compare Apples to Opals

Disclosure – I wrote this review as part of the BzzAgent campaign. As a BzzAgent I received this product for free.

They may not be available year round, but from November until March, bright yellow Opals are the apple of our eye. We love them for their flavor and texture (sweet and tangy, with just the right crunchiness), but the fact that these non-GMO apples are naturally non-browning is what makes Opals truly incredible.

Opal Apples

Opal apples can’t be compared to an everyday apple. These sunny fruits are like none other — with a beautiful appearance, distinctively crunchy texture, floral aroma and a sweet, tangy flavor. But one of the most incredible and natural features of this apple is that it does not brown after cutting. So an Opal a day will keep your salads — and your kids’ lunchboxes — crisp and fresh.

The Opal brand apple was discovered in Europe in 1999. This new apple-flavor stems from a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Topaz. Over the last 12 years, Opal brand apple has been tested in 63 orchards throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. In March of 2010, Opal brand apple made its debut appearance in the United States grown exclusively by Ralph Broetje, Broetje Orchards in Washington State. Opal Brand apple is being marketed and distributed exclusively in North America by FirstFruits Marketing of Washington.

Opal Apples

For the past few years we are looking forward to Opal apple season. These apples are one of our favorites and when opportunity came to review them we were excited to share with our readers these yummy treats. Why we love them? It’s very simple, they are delicious, sweet, small, perfect for snacks, in salads, in school lunches, recipes…

Opal Apples

Our daughter loves apples, but she doesn’t like to take them to school because they brown when cut. That is why she loves Opals that naturally don’t brown, are sweet and perfect for school snack time or in the lunch box. I personally love a quick healthy snack I can share with my family anytime, anywhere and Opals are perfect non-GMO treats. As a fit and active family we eat lots of fresh fruits and apples are always among our favorite choices. This year even our youngest family member (8 month old baby boy) approved Opals as his favorite snack.

Opal Apples

While Opals are amazing in any kind of recipe, we prefer them raw (why mess with a good thing?)

Known as the apple with a purpose, a portion of Opal Apples’ sales goes to their Youth Make a Difference grants, which support youth-led non-profits involving food, nutrition and agriculture.

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Disclosure – I wrote this review as part of the BzzAgent campaign. As a BzzAgent I received the above mentioned product for free. SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) was provided FREE product(s) by the above mentioned company or their PR Representative to complete this review. All of the opinions are strictly of the SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) and SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) staff and no one else. The opinions are honest and not influenced by the monetary compensation in any way.


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