Motivational Fitness Pictures


Motivational Fitness Pictures and Quotes

Stay motivated with these fitness pictures and quotes!

Check out our Motivational Fitness Pictures Round Two and Motivational Fitness Pictures Round Three for even more motivation!

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    • Me too. I love the one about “Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”. You wouldn’t believe how often I’m told I’m obsessed. My answer, yeah, well, I love it! Thanks Suzana, these are great!

      • Anytime. And nothing wrong with doing what you love. I personally love exercise. I didn’t always, but now I wish I got into it at least ten years ago.

        Happy working out and thanks for stopping by!

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  4. Looking at a hardbody is a prime motivator. Always works for me. I`m 73 and feel 17. Great pictures. I want more!

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  9. I love them. They are inspirational . Especially the one that says that it is not about “skinny” but it is about “healthy”. Most people should have that in front of their faces constanly as they tend to always try for skinny and not for healthy. The enemy is extra fat and not extra weight. Don’t you agree?

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  13. those are great motivational pics, it’s pics like these that help to make our workouts more enjoyable. Just to have a positive mind. That too helps to keep you young and healthy

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