Hosting a Halloween Party for Kids


Halloween can be perfect time to host a Kid party.

Everyone loves parties and Halloween is a perfect time to host one for your kids. There will be yummy food, lots of treats and fun costumes. Read our tips for hosting a successful Halloween Party for Kids!

  1. Start with invitations. Include the starting and ending time. And don’t forget to invite all the little guests in their costumes.
  2. Your party should be in color theme. Orange and black are perfect for Halloween. Decorate chairs with ribbons in these colors and your table with orange tablecloth. Throw Halloween decorations all around. Lots of small pumpkins that kids can take one with them afterwards.
  3. Don’t forget to play games. Kids love them and they keep them busy. Kids can decorate pumpkins, or play bowling with apples. Make some of your own and you can always reward winners with some Halloween novelty prizes .
  4. Buy some inexpensive Halloween plates and glasses. Serve punch in plastic witch’s cauldron. Tip: Mixing blue and yellow drinks is perfect. They create that perfect green color for the Halloween.
  5. Serve Halloween cupcakes and cookies. They are fun, small and interesting to kids. Decorate them in fun orange, black, purple and green with touches of white all perfect colors for the occasion.
  6. Serve finger foods like cheese, crackers and dips. All in the Halloween theme.
  7. Don’t forget to take ton of pictures. Capturing every moment of your party will be priceless.
  8. Send your guests home with a sweet treat (it’s Halloween after all), fun mini pumpkins, Halloween coloring pages or similar.
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