Proskins Slim Leggings Review (Part Three)


The Proskins Slim 28 Day Challenge

Disclosure – SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) was provided FREE product(s) to complete this review.

Proskins is proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, shape-up the body and firm up problem areas.


Slim by Proskins use advanced technology fabrics to ensure function, innovation and versatility. Slim uses the same Compression Technology as performance sportswear for elite athletes; premium fabrics, unparalled knowledge and superior construction, all combine to deliver a product that is scientifically proven to provide optimum levels of graduated compression. Made from a patented micro-encapsulated yarn containing active ingredients including caffeine, aloe vera and vitamin E. These ingredients combined with the high-tech compression improves the overall skin condition, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and firm.

Learn more here: How Proskins Work!


The progress. My measurements at the beginning of the third week of 28 Day Challenge (Part Three):

  • Hips: 35 inches
  • Top of Thighs: 22.5 inches
  • Widest Part of Thigh: 21 inches
  • Above Knee: 17 inches
  • Below Knee: 13 inches
  • Widest Part of Calf: 14.5 inches

This week I’ve lost 1.5 inches all together ( 0.5 inch from my hips, 0.5 inch from top of my thighs and 0.5 inch from the widest part of my thigh). And with a 0.5 inch lost last week from my hips this makes it 2 inches lost all together in two weeks that I’ve been wearing Proskins.

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Don’t forget to check back next week for more about Proskins Slim Leggings and my 28 Day Challenge. To check my previous posts you can visit here: Proskins Slim Leggings Review (Part One) and Proskins Slim Leggings Review (Part Two)!

Disclosure – SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) was provided FREE product(s) by the above mentioned company or their PR Representative to complete this review. All of the opinions are strictly of the SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) and SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) staff and no one else. The opinions are honest and not influenced by the monetary compensation in any way.


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