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The Short Seller by Elissa Brent Weissman

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The Short Seller – Look out Wall Street – Lindy Sachs is about to make some serious cash. A twelve-year-old takes on the stock market in this money-minded middle grade novel.

The Short Seller

It all starts when seventh grader Lindy Sachs is granted $100 and access to her father’s online trading account as a way to alleviate her boredom while she’s home sick from school.

Lindy learns something immediately – she is very, very good at e-trading. Her $100 becomes $200. Then $400. And more. With trading talent and access to her parents’ savings, the opportunity to make some real dough is too tempting to pass up. In fact, given how well Lindy’s stocks are doing, it would be a disservice to not invest it all… Right?

We recently got a chance to read this new book and we all enjoyed it a lot. Lindy Sachs is a smart girl who thinks she isn’t ready for her math test and coming down with mononucleosis is one way to get out of going to school. But in the month that Lindy’s home sick, this 12-year-old agrees to make a simple stock trade for her father while he’s at work. Playing the market gives Lindy a new appreciation for math and the realization that she is good at using it to make money. But once Lindy is tempted to play with her parents’ money, market dramas hit much too close to home. This book is built with layers of suspense as Lindy fixes one disastrous situation only to be hit with an even worse blow. Definitely a must read.

About the Author: Elissa Brent Weissman is the author of The Short Seller, Nerd Camp, and Standing for Socks as well as The Trouble with Mark Hopper. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Visit her at

The Short Seller book is perfect for ages 8 to 12, with 256 pages and it’s available from May 2013.

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