Vegetable Peach Salad


Quick and Easy Salad Recipe

Perfect salad with homemade dressing.

Vegetable Peach Salad

Vegetable Peach Salad


2 ripe peaches, cut in bite size pieces

8 cherry tomatoes, cut in four each

1/2 cucumber, cut in circles or half circles

4 orange mini sweet peppers, cut in circles

4 yellow mini sweet peppers, cut in circles

4 red mini sweet peppers, cut in circles

1/2 iceberg lettuce head, chopped

Mayonnaise Dressing Recipe


Wash veggies and peaches. Drain excess water and cut. Place everything in a large bowl. Make Mayonnaise Dressing. Mix salad with the dressing. Serve right away. This recipe makes about 4 servings.

Store leftovers in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

Nutrition Facts - Vegetable Peach Salad


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