Tips for Organizing Your Craft Room


Best Items to Organize Your Craft Room

Organize your craft room with design solutions that do double duty without doubling the volume!

Tiered Wire Basket

Tiered Wire Basket – A three-tiered wire basket is perfect way to organize small items you need handy on your desk or working station. You can keep rubber stamps, ribbons, yarn and so many other craft items in them. And they are easy to move around when you decide to switch things around your craft room.

Painted Glass Jars

Painted Glass Jars – They are an easy project to make yourself and they will look perfect in any craft room. You can keep pens, pencils, buttons, pins and so much more in them.

Sewing Thread Holder

Sewing Thread HolderEasy to make and perfect way to organize your threads. They will be easy to access without being all over the place.

Picture Perfect Ribbon Holder

Picture Perfect Ribbon Holder – A plain wooden frame outfitted with bright paint and cafe rods is a good way to hang ribbons. This will not only make your craft room organized, but it will look nice and decorative too.

Fabric Storage

Fabric Storage – Check out these easy ideas on how to store your fabrics. Perfect in closets, on the shelves and bins. Great way to keep your craft room neat and organized and your fabrics, big and small, all in one place.

Small Style

Small Style – Display small items with lots of style using this great idea. Check out how to here!

Wall-Attached Organizers

Wall-Attached Organizers – Jars are perfect way to organize just about any room in your home. They make a perfect storage for small items or larger ones depending on a size of your jar. Perfect for any craft room and they look awesome in kitchens and bathrooms too!

Shoe Organizers

Shoe Organizers – Perfect for so many other craft supplies like paint brushes, art supplies, scrap-booking items, yarn, fabric and so much more.

Fabric Covered Boxes

Fabric Covered Boxes – Make any craft room truly your own with some unique storage items like fabric covered boxes you can make yourself with your favorite fabrics and in sizes you need!

Stacking Baskets

Stacking Baskets – Great for papers, cards and even small fabrics.

Share with us Your ideas on how to organize craft rooms!


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  2. I’m using the cardboard boxes you get when buying diapers in larger amts!
    I just have to use an xacto knife to cut off the top flaps, then I can paint or cover them with scrapbook paper..they even have the cut out handles on the sides! I also make use of all the great plastic square buckets from our cat litter and laundry detergent they are heavy duty plastic with snap close lid and wire handles-and they are made to stack!..My hubby thinks i should throw them away! But -Why? They are Free storage and you are keeping them out of landfills! I’ve gotten creative and spray painted some to paint to look like hammered metal!

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