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Learning How to Knit – Knitting Basics

Knitting is a wonderful craft to know. We’ll share with you the basics for casting on stitches and how to do a basic pattern. Knitting is different from crocheting in that all stitches are composed of either a “knit” or “purl”. Once you know these two stitches, you’ll be on your way to knitting like a pro.

Lets get started!

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Before you get started here are some basics on Needles and Yarn.

  • Slip Knot and Casting On:

Slip Knot – This is the stitch to start all stitches, the one that anchors the yarn to the needles and makes it possible to cast on. Before starting the slip knot, decide which method of casting on you want to try. If you choose the long-tail cast-on method, leave approximately an inch for every stitch that you’re about to place on the needle. For the knitted cast-on, leave eight to ten inches between the end of the yarn and the slip knot.

  1. Hold the short end of the yarn in your palm with your thumb. Wrap the yarn twice around the index and middle fingers.
  2. Pull the strand attached to the ball through the loop between your two fingers, forming a new loop.
  3. Place the new loop on the needle. Tighten the loop on the needle by pulling on both ends of the yarn to form the slip knot. You are now ready to begin one of the following cast-on methods.

Step by step (with pictures) for the slip knot and different ways to cast on your stitches Knit Simple!

  • The Knit Stitch:

There are two different ways to make a knit stitch (English or Continental method), and the one you choose depends largely on which you’re most comfortable with.  Step by step (with pictures) on both English and Continental.

  • The Purl Stitch:

Purling is basically just a backwards version of knitting and when you put the two together, you can come up with literally hundreds of stitch patterns. Learn how to Purl here.

There are so many different patterns you can do, but here are some simple, basic ones that will be easy for beginners. Basic Knitting Patterns!

More Step by step references on how to do basic fixes, how to decrease stitches or increase them, also on finishing the project and more:


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