Around the Web: Awesome Pasta Sauce Recipes


Delicious Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipes You Should Try

Pasta is a favorite dish in so many households around the world. And pasta sauce plays a huge part in the deliciousness of this dish and so many others. Homemade sauce is always the best and we have gathered for you these yummy recipes from Around the Web to try. Use them for pasta, pizza and so many other recipes pasta sauce is called for. Enjoy!

Quick Tomato Sauce by Sage Recipes

A Simple Spaghetti Sauce by Cooking Classy

Yellow Grape Tomato Sauce by The Slow Roasted Italian

Easy Breezy Meat Sauce by Frugal Foodie Family

Homemade Pasta Sauce by Rak’s Kitchen

Easy Spicy Marinara Sauce by Oatmeal With A Fork

And some of our own:

Quick Fresh Tomato Sauce by SCM (SocialCafe Magazine) from 500 15-Minute Low Sodium Recipes Cookbook

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