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Madison Morgan: When Dogs Blog By Pam Torres

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Life is getting way too tricky for eleven-year-old Madison Morgan. She’s not interested in boys, fashion, or the latest gossip, unlike her best friend Paige. Her stepdad, who she knows as Henry, has way too many systems around the house since her Mom died. To top it off, Madison and her new friend Cooper have become the “school project” of a bully named Donald. And all she really wants is a dog to call her own, but all she gets is the parental-brush-off. What is a straight-talking, spunky middle grader going to do?

Kids from ages nine to twelve years old are sure to get a laugh from Madison Morgan: When Dogs Blog, which tells the heartwarming story of the sometimes tough, frequently funny days of the wise-cracking, dog-loving Madison. When her dad arrives home with a scrawny brown terrier named Lilly, Madison is amazed to find she has an ability to understand dogs, their emotions, and often their pasts. However, her gift also leads her to uncover some extremely harmful activities that are happening in her very own neighborhood.

Frank, funny, and full of adventure, this book is a must for any middle grader, who is certain to be enthralled by this dog blogger.

We recently got a chance to read this beautiful book about Madison. This book is easy to read with great plot, characters and a strong message about friendship and loyalty. Both kids and grownups will enjoy reading it and finding out more about Madison, her friends and dogs they help along the way. We recommend this book as a must read for all middle graders and dog lovers.

About the Author: Pam Torres was born in Logan, Utah and spent most of her growing up in Prairie Village, Kansas. Besides playing Dorothy during tornado weather, digging Peter Pan-like underground forts she also played piano and ran cross-country. She started her family early and had five energetic and creative children and returned to school when the last one was four. She has fond memories of reading and playing with her children in between hefty amounts of volunteering at church and their schools. Read more about Pam Torres on her blog So I’m Fifty!

Madison Morgan: When Dogs Blog is perfect for ages 9 to 12, with 166 pages, costs $10.99 and it’s available from July 2012.

The author is donating 10% of proceeds to the ASPCA® and other animal related causes.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing Madison. I’m always excited to hear what others think about the book. I’m currently finishing up the second Madison Morgan where her adventures to save animals in need continues.

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