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Lighting Our World – A Year of Celebrations

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Lighting Our World – Throughout the year and around the globe, people use light — candles, bonfires, lanterns and fireworks — to celebrate special occasions. This richly illustrated book is an illuminating tour of the world’s brightest and warmest festivities.

People all over the world come together and use light to celebrate important cultural events. Whether it’s setting off fireworks in celebration of a historic day, or lighting a lantern in remembering of a loved one that has passed away, every culture has its own unique set of customs.

We recently got a chance to read Lighting Our World book for a review. This book introduces kids to different cultures and their customs. It shows them how people all over the world celebrate and the ways they do it. Lighting Our World is a wonderful book full of beautiful illustrations and great stories about a year of celebrations throughout the wold.

About the Author: Catherine Rondina has written numerous children?s books and teaches the art of writing nonfiction. She is the author of Don?t Touch That Toad and Other Strange Things Adults Tell You. Catherine lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Lighting Our World is perfect for ages 7 to 10, with 32 pages, costs $17.95  and it’s available from September 2012.

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