The Pajanimals New Toy Line Review


Pajanimals Toys are now available!!!

The Pajanimals New Toy Line from The Jim Henson Company

Did you know that July is Making a Difference to Children Month? We want to celebrate Making a Difference to Children Month by encouraging you to spread the word to encourage more people to be active and make a difference in the life of a child. One simple way for parents and adults to make a difference to their child is to reassure little ones of the fun adventures that await them in their dreams – and the Pajanimals (show produced by Sprout and created by The Jim Henson Company) want to help.

Their Pajama Time Tips include:

Blow Off Steam – At the end of the day, allow your child to expend some energy by running around the house, dancing to music or tumbling on the carpet.

Calm Things Down – After getting the wiggles out, start the wind-down process. Calm activities like reading or listening to quiet music are great ways to transition your little bundle of energy into a calmer state.

Keep It Light – Diffuse end-of-day grumpiness with a playful attitude. Bedtime shouldn’t be a chore. Try singing the “Brusha, Brusha, Brusha” song as you scrub those pearly whites. Play Simon Says as you get into pajamas (Simon says take off a sock!).

Stay Consistent – Stick to a specific bedtime and lead up to it with a routine. A simple routine is best, such as: bathe, brush teeth and read a book. This consistency provides a feeling of safety and a framework to help little ones soothe themselves to sleep.

Snuggle and Share – Once your child is tucked in bed, those last moments before lights out are the perfect time to snuggle up and huggle up. Take a few moments to reconnect and reassure. Share a warm story, talk about the highlights of the day or the things you look forward to tomorrow.

And while we are on the subject of Snuggling and Sharing check out the new line of 15″ Pajanimals plush toys perfect to snuggle and share with your child.

Recently we received the plush Apollo for a review and this little guy has become one of our daughters favorite toys in this past week. She loves playing with Apollo, reading with him and of course watching the show.

He is adorable in every way, very soft and perfect for young kids to play with and take everywhere. Machine washable which makes him very easy to clean as well.


The Pajanimals new toy line from Tomy includes:

Pajanimals Apollo plush9″ and 15″ Pajanimals Plush Apollo

  • A green and purple dog, Apollo is a natural leader, the one they all look to when the path is unclear. Filled with confidence and common sense, although at times, he can be surprisingly sensitive.
  • When he gets hurt feelings, everything must stop while his friends carefully coax him out of his funk.

Pajanimals Cowbella Plush

9″ and 15″ Pajanimals Plush Cowbella

  • Cowbella is a purple and white cow that loves all things pink and princessy. Like lots of little girls, she has a vivid imagination and loves to play dress-up. She is also prone to emotional drama, and often gets lost in a cloud of big feelings. Her solution to all problems is to imagine them away, but sometimes her imagination takes her to dark places.

Pajanimals Plush Squacky

9″ and 15″ Pajanimals Plush Squacky

  • Squacky is a high energy, blue and yellow duck whose mind jumps around with its own mysterious logic.
  • Squacky is never without his Blankie, tied around his neck like a cape. A self-appointed super hero, he only truly finds his courage with a little help from his friends.

Pajanimals Plush Sweetpea Sue

9″ and 15″ Pajanimals Plush Sweet Pea Sue

  • Sweet Pea Sue is a pink and orange pony with very large eyes who loves order and routine. She approaches all challenges with her own little “to do” list, and sometimes needs to learn how to let go and just let things happen. The others rely on her for her wise perspective and compassionate heart.

Pajanimals Snuggle Up Story Time

Pajanimals Snuggle Up Story Mat

  • Help your child transition from play time to nap time with the Snuggle Up Story Mat. Featuring your favorite lovable Pajanimals characters, this mat includes a soft book that transforms into a pillow.


We hope this pajanimals review was helpful! Let us know what you think!


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  1. My daughter loves the show i keep seeing that these toys are available but i can not find them. Her birthday is November 16th i really wan to get one for her do you know i can get one?

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