Colors for Your Home – What is In or Out


Is Your Home In or Out?

Is it time for change? You probably ask yourself this question often. Maybe while staring at the blank white and boring walls of your living room, or maybe while you see the color that no longer makes you happy.

Choosing the right color pallets for your home can be hard, and if not done carefully your favorite colors can soon become your nightmare. While everyone has their own and different taste, sometimes taking a few ideas and hints from experts is a good thing.

For instance, you love pink, but you don’t want your living room to become a bubble gum. Being open to new shades and ideas on making it just an accent or adding it as a focal point of your room will make all the difference. You will still get the pink, just more sophisticated side of it. While some wall colors are more in than others, that does not mean that you can’t always use them as accents. Just make sure you are pairing them right and in a way they’ll go together.

What is In now:

Neutrals always seem to be in. There is really no going wrong with a neutral, earthy pallet, especially if you are trying to sale your home, and want to target more people and not just give a impression of a fun house. Going from rich gray to camel, it all falls into the safe zone. Neutrals sound boring, don’t forget you can always use trendier colors, like acid green or amethyst, as accent pieces to make the parts of the room stand out. Because neutrals continue to flourish, you can always find them in the majority of homes.

Chocolate brown is another favorite. And it kind of doesn’t surprise us, because chocolate is always in. Experts say brown is still the go-to color in nearly every industry, from auto manufacturing to fashion to home. Next to chocolate, think mocha and cinnamon, you’ll find it in more places than you think.

Surprisingly for those less open to brown, gray comes as in color. In the last year gray has made more appearances both on walls and as the furniture choice than any other. And it covers a wide range of hues, which span soft gray to charcoal to hematite, and gain interest from metallic and pearlescent accents.

Green, of course, continues to gain strength from its association with the growing shift toward eco-consciousness. It will show up in everything from fabrics to accessories to counter-tops, and yes walls.

In the lase 10 years blue has made a big turn for in color, and it still stands strong. Maybe because the color is associated with dependability, constancy and peace. So don’t be afraid to make this soothing color your choice for more than just your baby boys room. And honestly every product in the industry uses some type of blue, and many are paired with brown, from chocolate to taupe. Just think romantic and pretty blue/brown bedroom.

Pink and red may sound daring, but don’t forget that these are the colors of causes. Think about the ribbons on our lapels to help raise awareness for breast cancer, or heart disease. It’s no surprise that they are making a fast turn as your in colors for the home. Recently pink is mostly used when thinking of a romantic bedroom, or a stylish and modern girl’s living room. But red also is one of the favorite colors in the kitchens, and it’s one of the first picks when it comes to accents in any room of the house.

Violet, wine and true purple, who could have thought. But these pretty colors from the violet family are making it more and more in the modern homes. Making this color very in this year.

In colors when they are in pairs:

Color combinations are always here, and while some are at the top, some don’t make it so far or for too long.

Brown and blue have been a favorite for several years now, and it’s not a surprise at all. There is so many ways you can make these two colors work for every room in your home.

Now, a little more daring combo is black and white. Sounds too much? Well, in Europe they think it’s just fine! And now more and more we find it here in so many homes. Going from accent pieces, like textiles and wallpaper, or as a paint choice, this combo is taking over entire rooms and is mostly paired with hot accent colors like red or acid green for the latest look.

What is Not so much in at the moment:

While we love yellow, and elegant gold tones it seems that less and less this color is chosen in the recent years. It still runs strong in Europe, but here it just doesn’t seem so sunny anymore.

Orange is another color that’s getting little love now, unless you choose corals or an earthy, deep orange. But even than it’s hard to find it in places other than accent pillows or few decor items.

Lavender is getting to be really out. Maybe because everyone is going more for those bolder choices like above (violet, wine and true purple).


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