10 Foods You Should Always Have on Hand


Top 10 foods you should always have on hand in your kitchen

How many times did you go to your local fast food restaurant, or ordered pizza or takeout just because you were sure there is nothing to eat at home?! It happens to all of us and more than we want to admit. By having your kitchen intelligently stocked you will never be more than 10 minutes of cooking time away from a healthy meal.

  1. Boneless, skinless chicken breast
  2. Unsalted dry-roasted nuts
  3. Frozen vegetables
  4. Fat-free soup broth
  5. Lean ground beef
  6. Basil leaves
  7. Extra virgin olive oil
  8. Canned, crushed or whole tomatoes
  9. Chicken sausage
  10. Dried whole-wheat pasta

With the yummy foods from the list above and by adding others you have on hand, you will always be able to make simple, healthy and yummy meals!


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