20 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids


Kids Can Have Fun Indoors Too!

Rainy days, too hot, or too cold… What ever is the reason for staying home we have a solution with these 20 fun ways you can entertain your kiddos indoors!

  1. Books (reading, writing, or playing): Books are great for creating fun for kids. They can read or to add even more fun and longer play, have them write a book. They can even draw pictures, to make the book more interesting. Or they can play it out. Let them watch the pictures in a book and tell their story. This will allow their imagination to go on, and allow them to play for a long time.
  2. Build a fort: Turn your living room into a fun fort and let your kids play. Chances are they’ll find ton of stuff to do when in a fort. They can have a club house, or a secret hiding place. I’m sure their imagination will come up with more fun ideas.
  3. Puzzles are great indoors: Kids love them, and they are very inexpensive. You can find many choices in Dollar stores for just a dollar. Or in the thrift stores and garage sales. Have a good selection and let them play. Best of all they’ll do it quietly, and will be involved in solving and thinking. Let them start with the easier puzzles and move on to harder ones.
  4. Put on a puppet show: What can be more fun? I’m sure your kiddos have ton of stuffed animals. Make a cute stage and let them have a blast putting on a puppet show for you or their siblings, or even their toys.
  5. Put on a play: Kids love to act. Chances are they play acting and pretending all the time. So if you ask them to actually put on a play or a show for you, you’ll be amazed at their imagination and acting skills when they have an audience.
  6. Rhyme: Yes, this actually can be a lot of fun. And it can be good for their rhyming skills. Just give them a simple word and tell them to tell you all the other words that rhyme with it, or one word and then go from there.
  7. Indoor picnic or a tea party: Put an outdoor tablecloth on the floor, and enjoy lunch together. Kids love different. And this will definitely be that. Or if you have a little girl or more they will love to have a tea party in special cups. With so many choices of tea, they’ll love it. You can serve 2 or 3 different teas with different flavors of fruit, they’ll love the colors and trying the new flavors.
  8. Hide and go seek: And we are not talking only about kids or you. We are talking about things too. One child (or you) can hide a bear or something else, and the others can go and look for it.
  9. Have a treasure hunt: Think of some unusual spots around your house, or plant some treasures in rooms and on shelves (in an age-appropriate place, of course). Then make a list of objects, and have your child go on a treasure hunt. If they can’t yet read, draw a sketch of the hidden item.
  10. Lost and found: You can actually have a good use of this one, as your child will search for the toys and actually return them to their proper place.  What better way to help out, clean up and have fun all at the same time. If you are keeping your child’s toys in the bins this will be great, just draw a picture on the paper and put the paper on the side of the bin. Than when your child finds a car, or bear, or other toys he/she will know in what bin to return it and claim it as found. They can add a line to the paper for each found toy.
  11. Make homemade play-doh: Making homemade play-doh is incredibly easy, and you can make so many colors with basic food dye.
  12. Have a dance party: Kids love to dance, and moms and dads too. So let your kiddos go wild with some fun kid friendly music.
  13. Play dress-up: If you have a daughter that loves dressing up, she probably has some nice princess dresses and accessories. But chances are she is bored with them. Throwing in your old dress, or a hat, some fun accessories, or shoes she’ll have more fun than ever and play for a while. With boys you can always make them a pirate outfit and send them on a hunt.
  14. Make something new with TP or paper towel rolls: There are ton of crafts you and your kids can make with the TP or paper towel rolls. For fun ideas visit DLTK’s.
  15. Make a play house from cardboard box: Chances are you may have a large box, or if not go to your local grocery store and see if they have any cardboard boxes you could take off their hands. Bring a few home, and let your child’s imagination take over. They may need a little help with doors and windows, but I assure you it will be fun for you too. Let them color it, make it special. They can make a play house, a castle, a doll house or something else, either way it will be so much fun.
  16. Play shop: Kids love to pretend play working in a store, or just shopping. With just a few items you can have them working and shopping in no time. Craft stores and Dollar stores are great for extra items like fake flowers for a flower shop. Or a notepad, pencil, apron, tray, and play food are all you need to play restaurant at the dining room table.
  17. Write letters or make a card: If your kids are writing already, let them write letters to friends, or daddy, or grandparents. If they are not writing they can always make a picture or they can make a fun cards to express their feelings.
  18. Cook together: My daughter loves to help me cook. We make all kinds of food together and she helps me with washing fruits and veggies, making meatballs, or baking cookies and cakes. Kids really love cooking, and they can learn along the way. Help you count how many eggs are needed in the recipe, or what they should add next, it all gives them more control as well as fun time.
  19. Play I spy: Pick a room in your house, let your kids sit together, you can join them too and you all can play I spy. For instance: I spay a TV, I spy a book, I spy a picture, I spy a spider (well you know, if there is any LOL) …
  20. Craft, coloring, painting: Lets face it, crafts are always fun, coloring and painting too. You can have your kids color, get some papers or print a few coloring pages, or have them color in coloring books. You can let them paint as well, just make sure you cover the table and floor with table cloths. They can also make art out of the fabric, yarn and craft materials. And if you are crafty, I’m sure there are ton of items in your craft room. Let them make house, trees, or people out of fabric pieces and yarn on a large paper. Or they can make little dolls or cars out of the fabric.


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