Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring Cleaning Tips & Basics

Spring cleaning can be easy with little planning and simple tips.

  • Make a Plan – make a list of areas in your house that you need to clean. You don’t need to clean all the areas the same day, but rather plan on doing room by room that way you will not get overwhelmed and everything will get done.
  • Check your Cleaning Supplies – there is nothing more frustrating than to start with your cleaning project and to find out you are missing the essentials. Gather everything and see if you need to get more things or if you need to rethink your cleaning supplies all together. Like, maybe go for more natural cleaners, even some you can make yourself.
  • Involve your Family – everyone can do a small part and help out. This way not only are you going to finish faster, but everyone will appreciate the hard work and keep it clean longer.
  • Tackle One Area at the Time – it’s exciting to get started cleaning and sometimes you can get distracted with various projects throughout the house.  But, it’s incredibly helpful and sanity-saving to work on one area at a time.
  • Declutter First Clean Second – it is frustrating to be ready to clean an area just to realize it is all messy and it has things that need to be moved, thrown out and decluttered first. Save yourself a headache and get rid of the garbage and extraneous clutter before cleaning.
  • Use Bins to Organize – instead of just dividing up things into separate piles that will likely get knocked over or mixed up, use plastic bins to keep them organized. Four bins are all you need for “Keep”, “Sell”, “Donate” and “Throw Out”.
  • Let in the Fresh Air – spring is a perfect time to open your windows and have fresh spring air circulate throughout your house.
  • Clean Every Room from Top to Bottom – let gravity make your job easier by working with it.  Start at the ceiling by dusting the ceiling fan or light fixture then get all the webs off the crown molding.  Work your way down the walls, over the furniture, all the way to the baseboards and flooring.
  • Make it Look New by Changing up your Accessories – since it’s spring, try switching out heavy, darker items out with lighter and brighter accessories. This will not only make you feel better, but it will refresh the entire feel of your house.
  • Make a Daily Cleaning Plan – After all your hard work is done and your house looks like a magazine cover, make sure that you have a good cleaning schedule in place so that your house stays this clean always.

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