Organizing Your Makeup Bag


Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

Spring is a perfect time to Spring Clean. Why stop at your house, use these easy steps to spring clean your makeup as well!

  • De-clutter – gather up all your makeup and beauty products in one place and sort through them. Automatically toss anything that has expired, looks or smells strange, or is past its prime. As a general guideline, this is 3 months for mascara, 6 months for most other gel – liquid – cream cosmetics, 1 year for most hair – body – skincare products, and 1 to 2 years for any dry – powder products – provided they’re kept clean. Next, toss anything that you never wear or don’t really like. Make sure that whatever is left over is clean and organized.
  • Get the Tools – once you’ve sorted everything, figure out what’s missing. Invest in great set of makeup brushes and tools to make your makeup easier to apply and flawless looking. A good basic kit will include a foundation brush, a big – fluffy powder brush, a flat eye-shadow brush, a fluffy – domed eye-shadow brush, a brow brush and some good tweezers.
  • Fill in the Gaps – have way too many eye-shadows or lipsticks, but are missing a good foundation or concealer? Stop buying eye-shadows and lipsticks for a while, or at least until you have given all that you have a try and focus on finding the right foundation and concealer that you need.
  • Add Something New – every year add something new to your makeup and beauty routine. Try new shades, new products and age appropriate beauty products.

Share with us Your tips for organizing and spring cleaning your makeup bag!


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