Kitchen Tips: Eggplant Boy or a Girl?


How to pick the best eggplant?

 Did you know that there is a difference between eggplants? Do you know how to pick the best one?

Eggplants are either male or female. There is a difference in their appearance and their taste.

When it comes to which is better male or female the winner is: Male!

And this is why:

The male eggplants have nicer taste because they contain fewer seeds than the female ones. The seeds in the female eggplants make them more bitter and less appealing. You of course can’t slice an eggplant in the store and know which one has fewer seeds, but you can guide yourself by the look and color to pick the best one. The male eggplants are smaller, more round and their bottom has only a slight indent. The female eggplants are larger and their bottoms have deep dash indent.

So next time you are in the store and want to enjoy an eggplant go for the smaller, more round with fewer seeds male.


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  1. there is no such thing as a sex of an egg plant, which is a fruit btw. They all come from a flower that has both male and female parts. Stigma and stamen. They are self pollinating (have both parts in one flower unlike a squash that has male and female flowers where the squash come from the female only. Amount and size of seeds come.has to do with age and complete or incomplete pollination.which may account for the deformed (not round flower end. Males don’t produce ANY seeds in nature

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