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When it Comes to Blogging “Content is King”!

If you are involved in blogging, or online world, you probably heard the expression, “Content is King”! Now, every blog is different, because every person or persons behind a blog are different, but we all can agree on one thing. Content is one of the most important things when it comes to your blog.

Honestly, nice looking blog without a good content is a waste of the internet space. Where on the other side you can find plain, nothing special looking blogs with an amazing content and be grateful that you found them.

The topic you’re writing about is the  main thing that’s going to draw the readers in and keep them there. Delivery is important, too. A good writer ties the two together. It’s what you say and how you say it that is very important.

Here are a few helpful tips on how you can create better content on your blog:

Engage your readers by offering useful and interesting content: Not everyone will always agree that something is useful or interesting, but if people are searching for slow cooker recipes and you know many by all means post about them. If blogging and networking is your thing, post useful tips about that. Interesting can also mean humorous or somewhat embarrassing anecdotes about everyday life. Blogs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Personal blogs are mostly popular because they offer the interesting facts about life. Readers love to relate to the content, find helpful tips, and feel like they are not alone.

Write about what you know and love: There must be something you love doing, you are good at, and you know about. And yes, that is your best content. So if you are great at saving money, write about that. If you know a lot about relationships, write about that. And if you have a great sense of humor, include it in your writing. If you are passionate about motherhood, and want only to talk about kids and kid related topics, you can do so.

Find your voice on your blog: Find your voice and style of writing. Don’t go from one corner to the other, because that will only confuse your readers. If you are writing about great purpose and want to draw awareness about a great course you believe in and support, don’t shock your readers by going in different direction. For instance if your goal is to promote breastfeeding and all the great benefits of it, don’t throw in a commercial formula post. This will be very misleading to your readers.

Never forget your audience: If your blog is about food, chances are 99% of your traffic is food lovers. They read your blog daily for great tips about food and great recipes, not so that they could find a post about pets, or politics. Stay true to your readers. Now this is only for those niche blogs, of course. If you are like majority of todays personal bloggers your blog is a variety of topics, but still it doesn’t hurt to have a niche. Like for instance, even if you are a blog about everything, people still will recognize you best for one thing you write about the most, like recipes, fitness, reviews and so on.

Let your writing show your personality: Be yourself, use words and phrases you already use in real life. It will come across more natural and genuine. And your readers will have a chance to know you in every one of your posts.

Slang is good: If it’s something you might say in real life, then throw in that  sweet catch phrase, but don’t do it if you only think it will be good because you saw another blogger use it… One that actually uses it in real life too.

Use proper formatting, text size and punctuation as well as paragraphs and sentence structure: There is no need to over use any of those things, but some structure does help. Don’t forget, a paragraph can have just one sentence and a sentence can have just one word.

Post regularly on your blog: Most blogs try to deliver new content daily. Some blogs deliver new content only on weekdays. A few might only publish weekly. The key is choosing a schedule and sticking to it. Find what works for you. Plan ahead, write ahead, schedule your posts. Write them when you have time, and schedule them for when you don’t. Make your blog have fresh content often, so that way it’s updated regularly, it’s interesting and it keeps your readers coming back.

And when you need to be inspired: Don’t be afraid to use writing prompts. Blog post ideas are everywhere, you just need to look for them…


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