10 Ways to Make Your Blog Better


How to make your blog better with 10 easy steps!

Making your blog better and more user-friendly is not that hard. You just need a point into the right direction, or a place to start.

Often times that first step is the hardest, but well worth it in the end.

While some of you are familiar how to do blog tricks and tweaks on your own, some are not. There is no need to invest a lot or anything at all to make the necessary changes that will pay off when it comes to your blogs better tomorrow.

Below are simple 10 ways you can make those changes and be glad that you did!

  1. Good design: Design is very important. It is the first impression that your readers will get about your blog. But don’t forget to make your design user-friendly as well. Because, what is the point of a great design if your readers can’t find anything that they are looking for.
  2. Your font and colors: You know that dark text on light background is the best, because when you do it the other way around it is really hard on the eyes. But even if your text is dark and background lite, please don’t forget about the font and size of it. Larger is better. And we don’t think large as huge, but between 12 to 14 points would be perfect.
  3. Add image to your posts: Yes images are great. People love visual and give them that. If you are writing a long blog post, break it up with images. Your readers will thank you!
  4. De-clutter your sidebar (s): Overstuffed sidebars are so in the past. Make every part of your blog easy on the eyes and this goes for your sidebars as well. Long blogroll lists are not needed, rather make a blogroll page. Long going sidebars, longer than your post area is also very ugh… Make a page where you display links, awards, banners, blogroll, and keep only the selected, important things on the sidebars. Because if you are trying to get companies to advertise with you trust us they don’t want to get lost in the sea of your blog awards.
  5. Your blog speed should be fast: Make sure to don’t over do your blog with unnecessary scripts and images that load forever. Your blog needs to be fast. Not only do readers love that, but search engines do too.
  6. Make your links visible: If you want people to click on the links in your posts make them visible. You don’t need to make them neon color, but it helps to have them in a different color from your post text
  7. Don’t auto play anything: Auto playing music is nothing but an annoyance. And videos, they are even more. Most importantly, they take up lot of bandwidth which may cause visitors on slow connections to move away. If you do have videos on the sidebar, place them  where they are visible, and let your readers decide if they want to listen and watch them or not.
  8. Make navigation and search easier: Make sure readers can find and fast your latest posts, your archives by month, and your categories. It also doesn’t hurt to generate a sitemap. Also include a search where readers can see it. That way if they still can’t find something they’ll be able to search for it.
  9. Make subscription links and contact accessible: Want to get followers, subscribers and regular visitors to your site, make them see what you offer. Place your social networking links, your feed, email subscription where they can see it. And add a contact page with a form in it. It will be easier than for them to search for your email address.
  10. Get a favicon and lose the captchas: A favicon helps readers to find your blog in a big cluster of tabs. So, put aside about 10 minutes and make a favicon for your blog. Captchas are very annoying! Sometimes, the text is very hard to read and this may irritate the readers. Most would come read and never leave a comment because of the captchas.


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