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Starting your blog is very easy.

It only takes a few simple steps and you are ready to enter the world of blogging. First you have to decide what platform you want to use, and are you going to use free hosting platforms or are you going to choose a paid hosting.

If you are not sure, see what and Blogger offer. In the beginning it is better to start one step at the time. And if you are not sure for how long, or how serious about blogging you are, free hosted platforms are the best.

Working on WordPress and Blogger is easy. is free, hosted version of WordPress and is a great place to start your first blog. You won’t have to worry about finding and paying for your own hosting, but you’ll still have the functionality of WordPress and can learn a lot about WordPress before you commit to

Blogger will help you get your blog started, step by step. You’ll begin by creating an account, naming your blog (they’ll let you know if the name you want is already taken), and choosing a template. And it’s all free.

Great thing about both is that you can export and transfer your blogs later on if you choose to change your hosting, or platform.

If you choose to go with paid hosting keep in mind that all are not created equal. Choose one that will be best for you.

Choosing a name for your blog is the next step. If you are on the free platform, even though you’ll have that .wordpress or .blogspot it is still important to pick a name that will be representing you. And something that if you choose to get a domain name later on will be an easy transition, and something you will be recognized by.

Some things to consider when choosing a domain name:

  • what do you want your blog to be about
  • what words reflect your content
  • what graphics would you like to use
  • what audience do you want to reach

Consider words like blog, writing, mom, parenting, or something that represents your business or the message you want to spread word about.

But don’t sell yourself short and pick a name that will only represent one thing. Because chances are in a while you may want to widen your readership and talk about more than just flowers. Picking a name like best flowers will than be a bad choice. Because while best flowers is great for gardening, it is not so great for let say electronics.

Choosing a template or design for your blog. It is very important to choose something you will love, for instance colors are very important. You also want something to bring your visitors in and not drive them away.

Most every host offers a generic template for your blog. With Blogger you will have several choices, styles and colors. With WordPress you will have hundreds of free templates in different colors, styles. Some will be more blog like, while others will be more on the magazine style, or cooking.

While everyone loves to be unique from the start, it’s a good idea to stick with the generic or free theme in the beginning. Give yourself a little time to really research, and find yourself. When you are blogging for a month or so, you will have a better picture of what you want than the first day.

Generating traffic to your blog. There is so many different ways to generate traffic to your blog. You can add your blog to blog listings, join groups or forums, sign up for Technorati or visit other blogs like yours, and leave comments, join their communities, connect with Google Friend Connect, Facebook, Twitter.

And don’t forget to generate traffic the key is to write, write well and write often. Make your visitors come back, make them look forward to more posts. Entertain them, don’t make them label you as boring and not posting in weeks.

Set up Google Analytics for your blog, that way you’ll get a better understanding how many visitors your blog gets, what they read the most, how they found you, how many are new, and how many return to read your blog.


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